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We are confident in the quality and uniqueness of our products. But this is not enough. Best of Transylvania came about because others trust it too. We colected the kind and uplifting words of some of them. Thank you for believing in us!
I was impressed with the overall quality of Best of Transylvania products. The Turkey Pastrami was simply stunning, with a distinctive personality, different from anything I have tasted. It perfectly reflects the company’s profile, build upon a family-owned farm, traditional Romanian recipes, and the use of only natural ingredients.
Olivier Gaillez Head Chef at Thon Hotels in his kitchen
Olivier Gaillez, Head Chef at Thon Hotels
With seventy years of history, Pescarul (The Fisherman) is a fixture of Bucharest’s restaurant ecosystem. That’s where I met Manuel one evening, over a Carp Chorba. He offered me the possibility to taste Best of Transylvania charcuterie products at the very same place where they are produced. I can tell you that the Rustic Tenderloin was out of this world - the best I have had in many years. I cannot help but appreciate their attention to detail in following the traditional recipes and methods while creating healthy, clean, and very tasty deli meats.
Ghimis Florin - Manager Of The Fisherman Restaurant in Bucharest
Ghimis Florin, Manager Pescarul Restaurant, Bucharest

Best of Transylvania

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