About us

Best of Transylvania is the brand of a family-owned traditional farm, rooted in the legendary land of Dracula
Master Artisanal Charcutier in the smokehouse

Our Story

Going back four generations, Best of Transylvania inherited valuable, authentic Romanian charcuterie recipes.

In the last ten years, the family-owned business invested in standardisation and quality control, researching, testing, and diversifying the range of the products. The effort allowed us to grow into a well-known, appreciated, and established local producer.

Our Clients

Best of Transylvania’s first contact with the Belgian market happened in 2019, during the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Our products have been requested and were present at the many protocol meetings and public events, which took place, for six months, in Brussels.
Raffia basket of Romanian charcuterie
We were thrilled to receive countless appreciations from the many who tasted our products. From the Romanians present at the meetings, who confessed to us the pleasure of encountering the taste from home, to the chefs responsible with the menu, surprized by the authenticity and quality of Turkey Pastrami or the Thievish Salami, and up to the many guests, who returned again and again for one more slice of Gipsy Ham or Rustic Collar – all praised Best of Transylvania’s products.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received inspired us.
pork ham hanging in the smokehouse

Our Mission

Best of Transylvania does this by building the shortest possible chain from farm to fork, based on a sustainable food system, with a neutral environmental impact. This business model preserves the affordability of food while generating fairer economic returns. We also have a deep respect for the quality of nutrition and public health, and we believe in the many benefits of farm animal welfare.

Best of Transylvania

We are ready to offer, for selected clients, a diverse range of natural and authentic Romanian charcuterie products, at European standards. Let’s get in touch!
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