Best of Transylvania

Exclusive natural & authentic Romanian charcuterie for Benelux.
Experience the unique tastes of charcuterie from the legendary land of Dracula!
We are proud to be part of the selected very few producers who don’t use Nitrates and Nitrites to artificially extend the warranty and shelf life of the products. This comes from the deep respect we have for the quality of nutrition and public health. It is also one of our unique competitive advantages, based on traditional, family-owned recipes, which go back four generations.

Likewise, it reflects Best of Transylvania’s profound knowledge over natural technics of curing various meats. The unique and intense taste of our products equally results from the meat quality. Pork, poultry, sheep, and beef – all come from happy and healthy free-range animals, grown and feed naturally, in the old ways, in open-air. We invite you to discover all of our products!

Our Products

All the products offered by Best of Transylvania use only natural ingredients and seasoning.
You will be impressed by the subtle sweet-smoky flavour of the Pork Belly Roulade or the juicy and flavourful Rustic Collar. Don’t forget to also experience the Turkey Pastrami, one of the purely Romanian cured meat recipes, with an exclusive taste and a particular tenderness.

What Makes Us Different

Happy Clients

Your architecture, your beautiful farms, your biodiversity, your native heterogeneity, the diversity of communities and traditions in Transylvania and Romania, all these together are a treasure, your treasure to the world. Your brand as a country is linked to authentic values and traditions, the taste of food, unique biodiversity and landscapes, and also the ability to innovate.
HRH Charles, Prince of Wales
When I think about your extraordinary variety of ‘Tchorba’ and after that dreamy ‘Tourta’, what comes to my mind is not only that the world, in fact, doesn't have a clue about Romania yet, but also that you, Romanians, are far from knowing your national wonders. In gastronomy, you are very, very wealthy, in spite of your so-called poverty.
Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Best of Transylvania

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